Feb 14

Welcome to Flixton Conservative Club……

We pride ourselves on a well maintained Club with comfortable surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. We offer a wide selection of beers and spirits and our Steward and Stewardess currently hold the Cask Marque. The Club offers a number of sports and run teams in some of the local leagues. Regular entertainment takes place over the weekend, with Bingo, Quizzes and Open the Box where you could win up to £1,000. Live entertainment normally takes place on the last Saturday of the month.

Why not sign up for our newsletter to be updated on a regular basis.

Have a look round the website at the facilities we offer and if you want further information please get in touch.

Apr 15

Beer Festival Update…..

We have updated the Beer Festival page with a selection of Belgian Beers that will also be on offer this weekend together with a link to Tasting Notes

What’s On….

Friday Night Fun Quiz

Saturday Afternoon CAMRA Trafford & Hulme Club of the Year Presentation

Saturday Night – Brian Brodie vocalist and Bingo together with Easter Raffle Draw

Sunday Night – Entertainment with JES female vocalist

Guests are welcome and must be signed into the guest book and a donation of £1 placed in benevolent box

We hope to see you sometime over the weekend

Apr 13

Cross the T’s and dot the I’s……

It would appear that I caused some confusion with my last post for Subscription reminders.

I apologise for not adding “If you’ve already paid please ignore this message”

I’d also like to explain how this works… Currently we have the website, a newsletter and a Facebook page. Members do like to use the various different mediums available to keep up with the news about the Club. As you can probably see, to update all three is very time consuming, we have tried to automate as much as possible, so that once something is posted on the website, it is automatically posted to Facebook and sent out as a newsletter at the same time.

So once again apologies to everyone.

There will also be another posting/email later this week with details of the events taking place over the Easter weekend.

Apr 10

Subscription Reminder

Please note there are only a few days left for payment of subscriptions. All subscriptions must be paid by 14th April 2014 to avoid an administration charge of £5.

Unless, of course, you would like to pay the extra £5 into the coffers !!!

Forms are available in the Club for renewal and can be paid over the bar by cash/cheque/debit card

Apr 06

Beer Festival Easter 2014

We have now added a list of beers which will be available over the Beer Festival Weekend.

You can view the list here

Beer List






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