Memorial Bench

Geoff Johnson Memorial Bench
Geoff Johnson Memorial Bench

On the 22nd March 2015 the family of the late Geoff Johnson presented the Club with a memorial bench in his honour. Family members, Club members and Model Engineering Society members were present. Click on image to see larger picture.





During the presentation a poem was read out by Geoff’s Great Niece :-

We gathered here today for this bench
In memory of my loving uncle Geoff
Thanks to all the bobs and track talk subscribers
and the exclusive Conservative club insiders
family friends and all who raised money,
Please don’t sit on it at once although that would be funny.

So rest awhile and raise a glass
or take a bow and take off your hats
for my uncle was such a great man
gleaming personality, just like his holiday tan
full of good humour and up for good times
put lots of booze in his Christmas mince pies.

Thank you to all the bowling club lads
stamping your feet and waving your hats
So think of Geoff on a Friday night
the dark beer will always be in sight.

Freya Salway aged 14

Thanks to all who attended and don’t forget “a pint of mild in a pot with a handle”

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